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The Truth about Bottled Water - Is it really better than tap water?

Water has always been essential to our body’s system and our survival, but lately, it has become one of the most recent fitness crazes as people all over the world seek to gain the certified health benefits of drinking adequate amounts of water. Although people used to rely largely upon tap water to fulfill their daily quota of drinking water, in the last two decades, consumers have begun to shy away from this water source, due to such public health scares as the 1993 Milwaukee cryptosporidium outbreak that infected more than 400,000 city residents. Bottled water companies, promising a purer, healthier water product than tap water, have expanded greatly in order to supply growing demands for quality drinking water.

In the year 2003, Americans alone spent more than $7 billion on bottled water at an average cost of more than $1 a bottle.

Clearly, the bottled water industry is here to stay, but is the price of bottled water really worth it? Do consumers truly receive a better water product for their money? This article will seek to answer these questions by exposing some little-known truths about bottled water.

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